W. F. Friends

Janice DG
Ken & Linda (T)M.
Paul W. 

Wesley Foundation Friends

The following list is not complete, merely a starting point for attempting to locate friends from the past.  Visitors to this page who know the where-abouts of anyone listed with an asterik by his/her name or have other names to add to the list (with or without contact info.) are encouraged to contact Janice with this information.  I will be contacting each as time and information allows to create individual pages similar to the one I created for myself.  I will not post a page for anyone without discussing it with them first.

A., Barbara
A.B., Nancy
B., Jon*
B.K., Linda
B., Kathie
B., Ellen
B., Jerry
B.B., I.D.
B., Gary
B.T., Andrea*
B., Nolen
C.B., Sandy
C., Paul
C.F., Cathy
C., Charles*
C.J., Carol*
D., Tony
D.G., Janice
F., Nancy*
F., Jim
G.B., Evonne*
G.S., Rosemary
H.R., Carol
H.M., Nancy
J., Randy
K., Alan*
L., Peter
L.B., Gay
L., Lonnie
M., Alan*
M., Ken
M.R., Ann Sherill
M.S., Linda
McC., Vic
N.S., Joy
P., Connie*
R.G., Sherrill
R., Don
S., Gayle*
S., Jerry
S., Glenda*
S., Richard
S.M., Susan
S.S., Iris
T.J., Linda
T.M., Linda
T., Steve
T., Bonnie*
T., Patsy
T., Jay*
W., Elaine
W.B., Gayle
W., Lynn
W., Mark
W., Paul

Dr. G. Beers
Mr. P. Ducker