Favorite Links

LHS Class of '64
Wesley Foundation Virtual Reunion 

bulletLHS Class of 64 -- My Hoosier roots.
bulletMTSU Wesley Foundation Virtual Reunion -- A website in it's infancy
bulletHemingway, SC
bulletFocus on the Family
bulletCitizen Link
bulletRavi Zacharias Ministries -- You don't have to put your brain on a shelf to listen to this speaker!  I challenge anyone who thinks God is a crutch for the not-so-bright people to spend a few hours listening to this man.  He is an intellectual giant from India--a genius!
bulletDr. David Jeremiah Ministries -- People often speak of radio preachers with a sneer.  This one is down to earth and REAL!
bulletMcAfee Virus Hoax Information -- Before you send me a warning about the latest virus that is going to eat up my computer and the desk it is sitting on as well, check here to see if it is a hoax.  I call hoaxes that get passed on endlessly "voluntary viruses."

Free yourself from the addiction of pornography.  Jesus Christ is the answer and the cure!  I have added this link to this page when I discovered that there were people coming into my page from a pornography website.  I pray that those people will find release from this self-destroying addiction.